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7 FUN Ways for Parents to Practice and "Sneak In" Basketball Skills with their Kids

By Jeff Haefner

As a parent, you clearly want your child to be successful and you probably would like them to practice their skills.

One of the best things you can do as a parent is to sneak in the fundamentals and keep it fun for youth players.

If your child ends up having fun with the sport and wants to play each week, you win! Avoid the temptation to make those father/child basketball times about "improving their basketball" -- instead and make it more about "fun".

In this article Bruce Brown says, “When kids are asked about bad memories from athletics, the most consistent answer is... the car ride home with mom and/or dad after the game." Brown suggests that you save your analysis after the game, give your athlete time and space, and be a confidence builder after the game.

Bottom line, it's important for maintain a positive attitude when it comes to sports and player development.

A simple way to keep the positive vibe going is for you to "sneak in" fundamentals with your kids at home. Here's how...